Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Bliss and Enlightenment

Dave's LIST of quitting reasons was full of undeveloped generalities like: I quit for health, I quit for my wife, without the necessary application of the general to his particular condition. There was a lot to work to get a useful quitting LIST to lead him to successful quitting t&n for ever…I let him continue reading in loud voice.
In the end he came to the only particular, well extended motive he had included in his LIST; the more he was reading, the paler he was becoming, the more red spots were appearing on his skin and the more fury was growing into his voice : I want to quit because I’ve failed too many times before, I’m a strong man and when I decide something, I do. Besides, I hate to fail and I can not accept that I have to smoke if I don’t want to.
Of course, it’s unacceptable to be obliged to smoke if you don’t want to, I said. We’ll change that. We’ll use your strength to beat your very strong enemy. Are you aware of this foe? ’f course, tobacco, Dave answered. The real foe is the nicotine addiction, a drug addiction we’ll beat following the 2014 Quitting Plan. By the way, do you agree with the target from the first step?
Yesterday I did not understand why nicotine and tobacco were mentioned apart, now I do because I’ve read that and I totally agree. Could we continue with step 7, cause I’m much worried about cravings.
There are literally tens of things that can be done efficiently against cravings and what’s given as example in the New,   2014 TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT t&n, at step 7 gathers only some less mentioned and less used solutions that are at hand to everyone in almost any place and any moment.
I’m sure those are good, I’ll use them, but I need also something to make my cravings disappear even before appearing, something to make me sure that this time I’m not going to fail.
While working together at step 7 of the 2014 Quitting Plan – Dave seemed impressed to have discovered and accepted 24 new, different solutions against cravings – I noticed a Bible among books of Mechanics, toolboxes, newspapers and magazines. Dave followed my eyes and explained : The Bible is the only one that calms me down when I’m nervous and I hardly control myself. I open and read till the storm goes away.
I could not help myself: Eureka! For you the miracle solutions that makes you far stronger than the t&n addiction is The Bible. Whenever a craving comes around, just open It and read loudly. Now let’s start the other steps and let’s use also the Bible for each of them, to speed up your successful quitting. The Bible Itself is a wonderful reason to quit and a great friend to help you get that fast and forever.
Bliss and enlightenment on Dave’s face.
This was the most convincing proof about nicotine’s strength and its interference with his awareness and his judgment. It was very intriguing for him that he had never thought to use the Bible for giving up the unwanted habit and that he wasn’t able to see the obvious and make a logical, easy connection in order to find a handy, good solution. All this paragraph - of course, with verbs on the first person - was included among his reasons to quit, at step 5, in his quitting LIST.
From that day, smoking, tobacco, nicotine, cravings and failures belong to the past.
Dave is again a free, strong man.


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