Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It is perfectly possible to quit smoking tobacco and nicotine without any cravings. Most patients who report zero cravings when giving up smoking conect to the fact that their extrasolid motivation to quit melts down any attempt of nicotine to bring to their attention such cravings.
The next - in dimension - grup of successful quitters have detected lots of ways to meet and face cravings, postponing and replacing them with many other options. For instance when the temptation to smoke apears, the quitter starts doing something different - from what he was doing when the nicotinic addiction rose in its head - and captivating.
 He may stand up , head to the shelf and grab the newest best selling adventures book he had intended to read for some time. He reads for a while, till the craving has passed - in 2-5 minutes - or he can dive into reading more time, if there isn't anything else urgent to be done. Then he resumes the previous activity, if needed.
Reading is able to catch efficiently all quitters' attention and when it is to read about quitting itself and more information about beating cravings, as the next site is, nicotine cravings lose any power upon their former slaves comitted to stop smoking for ever. 

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